Award of Arms Scroll- Part Two

Kerocaro/ September 4, 2023/ Illumination, Project/ 0 comments

When we last left off I had been re-doing the layout after discovering I had only put in half the text and only had a PDF version of the original.

The image on the left was the original I drafted and on the right the correct one with all the words. Starting from scratch was probably for the best as it took a good deal of fiddling with the text to get things to line up. I also got the chance to make the images less muddy and easy to trace.

By this time the joke was I was going to get this thing done by the time my kids left for college.

Once I had the image traced out and the calligraphy done I took a short break to work on gold leaf. One of the things I had wanted was some extra bling on what I felt was a simple scroll.

I purchased some 24k edible gold off Amazon and the Instacoll Gold Size from John Neal Bookseller


As you can see I had a bit of a learning curve. However, it was sticking to the paper and not me or the cat so I decided to go ahead and try on the final “U”.

It was also about this time that I was going to an event and planned to hand off the scroll to be signed as I was pretty much done, save some inking. That ended up being finished at 12th night several months later.

The only photo I took of the scroll. I know where it lives and need to grab what I hope is a final photo at some point. But I did get it done before my kids left for college!

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