Event 101- Art and Science Compatitions

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So with our current Tri-Baronial event coming up I figured now was a good time to talk about Art and Science Competitions. So what exactly is an A&S Competitions? Unlike the fighting counter part this is a battle of Craftsman showing their skills. The two big ones I have been involved with are Queens Prize and Tri-Baronial so I will mostly be speaking on those so please offer advice for any other Competitions you have entered or won. Let us start with Entering. Queens Prize is a good event to start with, unlike the Tri-Baronial this is a more laid back event showcasing your art. The Queen will be in attendance and talking with everyone to determine a winner. Tri-Baronial is seeking a champion, a year-long position in the barony!

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Event 101- What to Bring

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So you have the event listing all read and figured out so now it is time to pack! Yes that is right pack. Making sure you have the right things will make for a better day so here is what I recomend bringing. Garb is probably the first thing. You can make your own, a simple T-Tunic or go all out with a Tudor gown. Or many places have what is called Gold Key, a set of garb for newcomers that you can borrow. Remember we ask for a reasonable attempt so don’t feel like you have to be spot on but try and skip your neon puffy vest. As a side note too, you can wear modern things under your garb. I normally have some type of legging as

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Event 101- Reading an Event Listing

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Today while discussing the last event at our canton meeting the topic came up from some of out new folk “I wish I had known we could bring our own snacks! We were SOOOO hungry!” And that sent me thinking on how many things we do in the SCA that we don’t think about but probably should let our new members know! So today I bring you a short post on Event 101 starting with how to read an event listing! Always start by cruising the event page, both on Facebook and on the website. They both offer the same information but I find if there is a facebook event you get real-time updates or can interact with others going to the event. This is a great way to set

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The Great Tent Hunt

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So one of the earliest things I looked at in the SCA right after clothing was a tent. The beautiful photos of period encampments, the catalogs full of canvas tents and then those who were brave enough to make their own.   The glamor of spending a week or more camping was part nostalgic and part challenge. As a child, we spent most of our youth camping. When you camp with a Boy Scout who has everything camping is a lot of fun! You get to sit smugly under a dining fly with a cool camp stove and eat yummy food out of a dutch oven (fruit cobbler anyone?). With time and age, we soon sat in a nice camp trailer and watched tent campers scuttle between southwest thunderstorms to make dinner.  Now

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12th Night 2019

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So this year 12th Night took us to the Middle Eastern Oasis complete with a Bazaar and a Coffee Grotto and finally topped off with a dinner feast and Hafla. The whole event site was transformed and from the moment you walked in it was just magic! I had been working on a Turkish inspired outfit however due to some miss cutting, and then just time slipping away from me I didn’t get it together. I did, however, raid the Gold Key for a jacket to wear over my normal blue wool tunic so I didn’t feel too left out. I spent the morning getting settled and finishing up a few of my 12th-night gifts. Small pouches that can double as a mug cover! they are very cute and I like

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The British Library and The British Museum- A treasure trove of Medieval wonders

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Every once in a great while you stumble across a great resource, in this case, I found two of the best. The British Library and The British Museum Between these two they offer probably the most extensive online catalogs you can access without a subscription. The British Library offers full-text views of manuscripts. The British Museum has a wide and searchable catalog. Some of the highlights Anglo-Saxon Exhibit – As someone whos persona focuses in this time this exhibit is a dream come true. While a fair number of the items are not accessible online the twitter feed has been amazing at giving a glimpse. The Manuscripts– This is the heart of the catalog. Start here to find a wealth of illuminations. 8th Century Manuscript– This is probably one of the earliest intact manuscripts. Well

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