Busy Busy!

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Things have been busy here for us. Between SCA events kicking back off and general life, I haven’t been as faithful to my poor blog! Hopefully, that will change as we settle for the next few months. First off I need to finish off my post about Coronation and then Crown. Both are a fun set of adventures. After that, I have some work to share with my scribe efforts before a side adventure to some more garb! Please stay tuned!

Summer Projects

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It seems like summer has crept up on me this year. Granted as things are opening back up the weeks seem to go by quickly compared to last summer. Funny what going out of the house does. With that I do have some summer projects planned! The lovely Emilee of Our Shield Maiden and on Instagram (@oursheildmaiden) Is hosting a summer sew-along for June. The focus is going to be 18th Century pockets! I decided to jump in after Maridith highlighted it in her stories. Out of my normal time but as I had a set of 16th Century ones line up for my Italian dress that is on hold I figured why not. (I may also have a copy of American Dutchess’s “18th Century Dressmaking”….a someday project!) On a

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Celebrating 3 years!

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So back in February of 2018 I took the plunge and purchased my domain! After a ton of hassle, I got my website hosted and in April I pressed published on my first post. I am proud of my self. This is by far one of my longest running projects. I have grown, learned and enjoyed this adventure. 2020 put a twist on my SCA adventure pushing me online. I have met so many wonderful people I never would have as events all across the globe went digital to keep us connected. I also spent more time with an online presence. Delving into Instagram and Youtube. I also joined and became active in a number of scribe groups. 2020 also graced me with a return to stay at home, giving

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Battlemoor Prep Part 2 Food

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So last year I was on my own for food but this year with the Canton getting its feet back under itself it was decided that hey! let’s do a meal plan! So I being opportunistic to feed people took 1 lunch and 2 Dinner shifts. I now have to feed 11 (Probably more let’s face it feeding people is a thing). We have some allergies and sensitivities to deal with along with a toddler. Said toddler has been eating me out of house and home this week so we will see how game he is for eating not Dino Nuggets. I told his Aunt if he was to much of a pest we would send him a Viking to their kitchen. I was told any boffer axes and sugar

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Battlemoor Prep Part 1-Banners

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With the Byers event over it is time to move on to Battlemoor prep. So looking over the list I had started back at the first of the year it boiled down to Tent Bedding Clothing Banners With the tent taken care of, bedding sorted and clothing being ignored as I am now clothing 2 additional people that left me with Banners. With silk banners being more work then I wanted to put forward until my device is ready I settled for a canvas banner with our Canton’s populace badge. I had started it back in May with the hope I could take it to Byers but after an afternoon of painting the border and the weekends escaping me I set it aside until last night. I ended up free

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Update on the Tent

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So we had settled on the Wall Tent and got it ordered back at the start of the year. We had opted for a 2 door tent, as getting a nice cross breeze can make a difference. Or bailing out the back as a bear eats your sibling…I mean. Yeah. Breeze. We had been a little antsy as we have an event at the end of May that we want to be ready for. Lucky they sent us the pole directions so we could look them over. The overall needs are very light, and the biggest thing that stopped us was “your tent may have slight variations on the size due to being hand made”. No big deal we could wait. I don’t think either of us wanted to mess

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The Great Tent Hunt

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So one of the earliest things I looked at in the SCA right after clothing was a tent. The beautiful photos of period encampments, the catalogs full of canvas tents and then those who were brave enough to make their own.   The glamor of spending a week or more camping was part nostalgic and part challenge. As a child, we spent most of our youth camping. When you camp with a Boy Scout who has everything camping is a lot of fun! You get to sit smugly under a dining fly with a cool camp stove and eat yummy food out of a dutch oven (fruit cobbler anyone?). With time and age, we soon sat in a nice camp trailer and watched tent campers scuttle between southwest thunderstorms to make dinner.  Now

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Prep for 2019 Battlemoor

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So with the 2019 dates being announced (July 8th-14th) and my PTO safely added to the calendar, it is time to really focus on Battlemoor 2019. This year is promising to be different for several reasons the first is my sister has agreed to come with me, and with that, we will be buying a tent.  Our camp group is shaping up with different people and is looking more canton based this year! I am very excited about that as we have briefly talked about some communal dining space and we should hopefully have the ability to bring people who didn’t come last year. So were on earth do I start? Probably in our tent shopping. It sounds silly but I think I have spent more time looking at tents then any

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Camping 101- Staying Warm

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So one of the biggest challenges at Battlemoor was the fact that it could be 80+ during the day but then dip down into the 40’s at night. Needless to say, it lead to many folks being rather cross each morning complaining of a lack of sleep due to shivering half the night. So how on earth can we combat that and make camping a delightful experience? Some of it is realizing unless you have endless pockets to fund things you want to rely on some modern cheats. As staying safe and warm is way more important than forgoing gear for authenticity. Step one get off the ground.   The ground will siphon off your much-needed heat faster than hopping in the snowmelt stream. (Also a bad idea before sundown) A period bed frame

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The SCA with a Toddler

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For most of us, the SCA is something that you tend to think of to some extent as being a family thing. It is living history and well it isn’t like children just popped up as squiers or ladies in waiting. As crazy as it sounds, many of us wonder how exactly do I get my tiny overload out to an event and then have us survive the day? And second is it really possible to do it with period things? Absolutely! To start, children look downright adorable in garb. It is also easy to make. Pillowcase tunics,  a pair of pants add a belt and boom done. Make several because chances are you will be changing them. Also don’t be afraid to make them large, they tend to grow fast

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