Update on the Tent

So we had settled on the Wall Tent and got it ordered back at the start of the year. We had opted for a 2 door tent, as getting a nice cross breeze can make a difference.

Or bailing out the back as a bear eats your sibling…I mean.



We had been a little antsy as we have an event at the end of May that we want to be ready for. Lucky they sent us the pole directions so we could look them over. The overall needs are very light, and the biggest thing that stopped us was “your tent may have slight variations on the size due to being hand made”. No big deal we could wait. I don’t think either of us wanted to mess this up.

So we waited and waited, and well remember that hand made part and the two doors? We waited some more.

Last week my sister got the shipping notification and the waiting turned to stalking the UPS site.

Wednesday was our projected delivery date and much to my child’s joy the “Big brown truck” made a stop at our place!

A happy dance later I opted to let it stay in the box until we both had free time to unroll and inspect it.

So now we move to phase two: Operation Tent Poles!

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