Trying out a pattern; Viking Apron Dress

So in my latest web searching, I came across This Viking Apron Dress I was rather excited as my last two Apron Dresses came after some drunk arts and crafts so the exact HOW I did it was fuzzy. So when presented with a potential way to make a dress the same each time I was excited!

I had acquired some fabric from a thrift store, probably just over a yard. So I took some new measurements and adding the .5 inches generated my custom patternn. I started by laying out the pattern in chalk on the fabric. Good thing as several problems jumped out at me straight off.

Problem 1: The generated bust measurement is WAY off. There was no way 7.5 x 4 equals 44. More like 30 for the whole top of the dress. I did my research and tried to see if there was a special fold if I needed another panel or if my math was just that off. Nothing, so I don’t know if there is something off in the code or what.

Problem 2: Length. This may be a personal thing but I make my Apron dresses long. Like mid-calf length. This one came out to well above my knees and I inuput it at 16. I fear the suggested 14 inches would be a mini skirt. This I feel is an easy fix just measure and go longer. I sadly didn’t have more fabric, so I ran with the 16 just to see.

Problem 3 Might have been the fabric but my gores got a wave to them. But pinning them and just fudgeing it worked it out.

So after some number crunching to fix the top Aka going with 11 inches vs the 7.5, an then fussing the gores to the right length I cut it out and stitched it up. I plan to add some black twill to the bottom to make it a little longer. I may also try out some applique work to help dress it up and hide the fact I feel it to be short.

So overall at this point, I can’t recommend this as a good way to make an Apron dress. The glaring errors with the top left me puzzled and the length not quite what I feel is right. But with some modifications this may work out. Now to find some more test fabric and try again!

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