Trying out a pattern; Viking Apron Dress

Kerocaro/ February 19, 2019/ Clothing/ 0 comments

So in my latest web searching, I came across This Viking Apron Dress I was rather excited as my last two Apron Dresses came after some drunk arts and crafts so the exact HOW I did it was fuzzy. So when presented with a potential way to make a dress the same each time I was excited! I had acquired some fabric from a thrift store, probably just over a yard. So I took some new measurements and adding the .5 inches generated my custom patternn. I started by laying out the pattern in chalk on the fabric. Good thing as several problems jumped out at me straight off. Problem 1: The generated bust measurement is WAY off. There was no way 7.5 x 4 equals 44. More like 30

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Tri- Baronial 2019-Prep

Kerocaro/ February 4, 2019/ Events, Illumination/ 0 comments

So this year was slightly different, I accepted an assignment from our baronial scribe to create an award scroll. With that and the bitter cold weather I was unable to get another round of dye in to try and compete with. Thus I deiced to simply display a piece for an entry. And of course, I decided this the week before with the assignment scroll still being worked on. What is an assignment for an award scroll? Rather simply the amazing scrolls handed out in the Outlands for the various awards and recognition, all come from very talented scribes. To keep track of all that our Baronial Scribe maintains a list of things they need done and when a willing party is found gives the details and deadline. I had

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