Tri- Baronial 2019-Prep

So this year was slightly different, I accepted an assignment from our baronial scribe to create an award scroll. With that and the bitter cold weather I was unable to get another round of dye in to try and compete with. Thus I deiced to simply display a piece for an entry. And of course, I decided this the week before with the assignment scroll still being worked on.

What is an assignment for an award scroll?

Rather simply the amazing scrolls handed out in the Outlands for the various awards and recognition, all come from very talented scribes. To keep track of all that our Baronial Scribe maintains a list of things they need done and when a willing party is found gives the details and deadline.

I had been in attendance of our Scrible night and for some silly reason deiced after another friend agreed to act as my calligrapher to take on an assignment.

By the time this post goes live the award will have been given so I will finally be able to talk about this piece!

As a rule, assignments are not shared as the person receiving is not told until they are called in court.

This scroll was an Aspen for a good friend, and I was equal parts delighted and terrified to be making something.

I started the project with some basic research, his persona is welsh, his device has a raccoon and found that those two things really don’t go together. But having a plan from a prior scroll I had doodled I forged ahead.

I did get lucky and got to ask one of the most amazing scribes if she had any resources she could loan me or advice to offer. She was kind enough to advise that most Welsh illumination took cues from Celtic influence and gave me some basic knot-work books. Spoiler…I can’t do Celtic knots for anything. But I did locate a dog and being resourceful with a few alterations I had a raccoon

From there I worked on two separate designs, one off the Welsh and the other off a doodle of a raccoon I had liked. Being indecisive I ended up showing my calligrapher the designs and made him pick the one he felt he could work with.

We ended up with the doodle one and I in the end have come to like it more. I was able to include his device and his work bench.

The finished illumination
The finished illumination

My display piece, well that started with my new love of bunnies. There is an entire series of them in medieval manuscripts and after finding a whole set that could be a band well it was quick to doodle up. From there it took me some time to work on painting the design up as I am still learning using the paints.

The Event

So this years event was held in the Shire of Windkeep a good 2-hour journey from our Canton. It was well worth the drive, however. There was a fair number of entries and all rather diverse. I ended up with my own table as the other person didn’t arrive, it worked out as I had kiddo with me and he was able to use the other end to eat and play at.

This was the display I put forward for Tri-Baronial.

I was happy I remembered a table cover, and I also was able to lay out some of my progress and ideas that got the scroll. I wish I had found away to set up the final scroll but it leaves room for improvement on the next time.

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