Prep for 2019 Battlemoor

So with the 2019 dates being announced (July 8th-14th) and my PTO safely added to the calendar, it is time to really focus on Battlemoor 2019.

This year is promising to be different for several reasons the first is my sister has agreed to come with me, and with that, we will be buying a tent.  Our camp group is shaping up with different people and is looking more canton based this year! I am very excited about that as we have briefly talked about some communal dining space and we should hopefully have the ability to bring people who didn’t come last year.

So were on earth do I start?

Probably in our tent shopping. It sounds silly but I think I have spent more time looking at tents then any other aspect of the SCA. When I started looking I needed something that set up with just me, fit in my car and more importantly felt like I could call it home for a week or weekend. Now I will have help to set up a more complex tent but at the same time needing to fit a fighter’s bag of things and leave us room for two cots. All well fitting in the same car. 

Next is outfitting my sister and I with some more period accents.   I feel chairs are a first step. My husband and I own a wood chair that I like but it may come up against the age-old issue of space. We will probably need to look at a smaller folding option or covers for a bag chair. 

I would also like to see about getting her a wood chest, I loved mine last year and seeing as they double as seating the more the better!

Banners and more banners! While I don’t think my device will be ready by then I want to fly some Canton and Baronial color. And if any of our camp mates have devices I for sure want to get them a banner!

Lighting is a big deal as campfires tend to be banned thanks to drought conditions. (Unless you get one with an on-off switch.) I have some small candles and a lantern, but if we plan to do much beyond go to bed some more light will be needed. 

Cold combat, knowing that we will be swinging from the 80 to the 30 means I full on plan to be better prepared with bedding and clothing. My goal is to wake up and go ah I had a nice warm sleep! and then duck as other cold and grumpy campers chuck heavy things my way.

She also needs more garb and I need to step mine up. I need a better hat/head covering. We both need cloaks, and wool tunics for nights. 

Food, I did ok but with two of us, we need to decide if a meal plan is more our speed or how we can make better eating choices. I would like to continue to pursue the cooler-less camp as I disliked the need for Ice runs. 

I also would like a better drink selection and should probably see if the husband wants to help brew up some Mead for the journey. 

So with that I think I have a rough start, stay tuned for more details on this years adventure and the other side adventures 2019 is sure to bring!

For all the latest and greatest Battlemoor news please head over to // the offical event site.

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