A side adventure of Illumination

Kerocaro/ December 28, 2018/ Historical, Illumination/ 0 comments

So with the talk of scrolls for 12th Night and then having our local Scribe night being nearby I decided to try my hand at some illumination. While none of these are final scrolls in part due to just my inexperience and the other due to the materials I have on hand. So enjoy my work so far as I atempt to pick this art up. I started this one based off of a posting of manuscripts from The Morgan Library and Museum ‘s Hamilton lectionary(Constantinople, end of 11th century) gallery. I love the heart shape and chose to mimic it rather then straight copy it. I don’t have any water color but I do have brush markers. This one was set more around the Caerthe award then an actual design. I will say it

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Prep for 2019 Battlemoor

Kerocaro/ December 12, 2018/ Events, Plans/ 0 comments

So with the 2019 dates being announced (July 8th-14th) and my PTO safely added to the calendar, it is time to really focus on Battlemoor 2019. This year is promising to be different for several reasons the first is my sister has agreed to come with me, and with that, we will be buying a tent.  Our camp group is shaping up with different people and is looking more canton based this year! I am very excited about that as we have briefly talked about some communal dining space and we should hopefully have the ability to bring people who didn’t come last year. So were on earth do I start? Probably in our tent shopping. It sounds silly but I think I have spent more time looking at tents then any

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