Celebrating 3 years!

So back in February of 2018 I took the plunge and purchased my domain! After a ton of hassle, I got my website hosted and in April I pressed published on my first post.

I am proud of my self. This is by far one of my longest running projects.

I have grown, learned and enjoyed this adventure.

2020 put a twist on my SCA adventure pushing me online. I have met so many wonderful people I never would have as events all across the globe went digital to keep us connected. I also spent more time with an online presence. Delving into Instagram and Youtube. I also joined and became active in a number of scribe groups.

2020 also graced me with a return to stay at home, giving me time to explore my crafts that working full time wouldn’t have.

2021 is already promising to be as wild of a year. But I am hopeful to return to regular updates here, and maybe before the year is out back to in-person events!

So cheers to three and looking forward to all the fun it holds!

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