Hair Taping- or how to deal with long hair

One of the things I had put off last year was getting a haircut before leaving for London. I mean I would have time when I got back right? I was trying to grow it out, so what would it hurt?

Fast forward to a year later.

I now have hair down to my waist.

My child can attest my quarantine haircutting skills are lacking, so I haven’t braved a self-trim. So with shorter not in the cards, it is time for managing.

For anyone who has managed long hair before you know finding ways to pin it up is an ongoing challenge. Leaving it down isn’t an option as one wind gust and you look like cousin IT. Nevermind kiddo grabbing it or getting caught on things.

So if you can find a way that doesn’t need 90 million pins and hair spray to keep it contained all the better. Yes, even braided it can be unruly as what was a cute little shoulder-length plait is now mid-back and possibly seen as a cat toy if left down.

Lucky Maridith posted up on her channel a Historybounding tutorial on Lady Gaga’s 2021 Inaugural Hair. (Take a moment and check it out!)

Simple yes? I immediately scrounged up some ribbon and set about getting my hair up.

The flowers I made several years ago. I need to get them a proper backing as I had done them quickly for a wedding. However with only 2 hair ties and 3 yards of ribbon I had a quick and elegant way to get my hair up.

As you know once you do something the YouTube and google algorithms “help” and start showing you all the things for the thing you just looked at.

I found my self next at the Tudor Tailor with their Solo Hairlacing.

I did the only logical thing; got some more ribbon dug out the wood needle/bodkin I had and set about stitching my braids to my head.

Several weeks later Morgan Donner came out with her Elastic-free video tossing in a few more ways to tie up my hair.

I like the over the head method she used vs having the ribbon along the back of my hair. I am not sure my hair would hold the twist-around style, it is very fine and slippery and I lack the body her hair has but it looks so lovely.

So what works the best between the three?

Honestly, the braid in ribbon method with it over my head like a headband is the fastest. The Gaga gives the visual interest, and a close second on time as I can drop the hair ties now that I have the hang of it. The Tudor I still need a better bodkin and would benefit from doing my hair in front of a mirror but I like the security of it.

Other Observations.

I did try sleeping with it done up and it may just be my hair but it didn’t work. I woke up with frizzy puffs, far from a fetching look. No loss as I usually like to brush it out before bed but it would have saved me time in the morning getting ready. Now if I was covering it I may be able to get away with it but I need a nightcap to try that out. Something for the sewing list to try later.

I have been using aloe gel on my hair to help tame the dry frizz and give it some texture to help grip the ribbon between washes. Once I run out I may try the flax hair gel but we will see.

I also get why women in prior periods loved ribbon! It is a quick way to spruce up your look. I have been buying a roll when I end up at the store and plan to get some silk when I can. I also dug out some handwoven inkle trim to try and do up my hair and I can say it worked just as well and really gripped my hair. I may need to weave up some more when I get a chance.

Will I be dropping my elastics? Probably. This is easy to manage one length of ribbon vs, an elastic and box of pins and no promises that it will stay.

Overall a success! I have been complimented a few times on my hairdo sparking good, but quick, conversation on being a historical way to dress hair and hopefully getting folks on down the rabbit hole.

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