Battlemoor Prep Part 2 Food

So last year I was on my own for food but this year with the Canton getting its feet back under itself it was decided that hey! let’s do a meal plan!

So I being opportunistic to feed people took 1 lunch and 2 Dinner shifts.

I now have to feed 11 (Probably more let’s face it feeding people is a thing).

We have some allergies and sensitivities to deal with along with a toddler. Said toddler has been eating me out of house and home this week so we will see how game he is for eating not Dino Nuggets. I told his Aunt if he was to much of a pest we would send him a Viking to their kitchen. I was told any boffer axes and sugar he was given upon return was my problem.

Moving on.

So what do you fed people when you formerly ran a cooler light camp?

Mac and Cheese.

I can make it up in a heartbeat, and if you pre-cook the noodles (Remember altitude and water boiling.) you have it done in the time it takes to make a cheese sauce!

Dinner two has been a toss-up. I have a Korean Beef recipe that will hold up well. Add in some pickles and fresh veg and bam dinner is done. AND the picky toddler will eat rice! OR

Lunch has been a struggle, the go-to is a sandwich. Let us be honest, I hate sandwiches. I will yes eat them but if I had to pick a lunch they are not it.

So how do I make lunch we may need to carry with us? And more important isn’t another sandwich?


I live for Onigiri, call me weird but it is the ultimate comfort food. That and they are period. Score!

Onigiri for those who have never had the delight as basically little balls of rice. They can be plain or salted, stuffed or coated or have a mixin. They keep fairly well (I guess I have never had to make one last….) and I can make them up ahead of time people can either take them or come back and fish them out of the cooler.

For my second dinner, I made a Korean style beef. ( This is the recipe I used!) It is a hit at home and I figured would freeze well.

So with the plan in place, I added in Apple sauce, rice crispy treats, and some cheese as sides and called it good.

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