Battlemoor Prep Part 2 Food

Kerocaro/ July 21, 2019/ Events, Food & Drink, Plans/ 0 comments

So last year I was on my own for food but this year with the Canton getting its feet back under itself it was decided that hey! let’s do a meal plan! So I being opportunistic to feed people took 1 lunch and 2 Dinner shifts. I now have to feed 11 (Probably more let’s face it feeding people is a thing). We have some allergies and sensitivities to deal with along with a toddler. Said toddler has been eating me out of house and home this week so we will see how game he is for eating not Dino Nuggets. I told his Aunt if he was to much of a pest we would send him a Viking to their kitchen. I was told any boffer axes and sugar

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Battlemoor Prep-Food Part 1

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One of the things I realized I needed to work on was food. More so when I said why yes I will cook 2 nights and a lunch for our meal plan. Last year I panned and packed a cooler-less meal plan. Something I get strange looks for. But I do hate watching ice and making sure the cold stays cold. For those interested, I took a photo of my food all prepped. From left to right, pre-made Coffee, extra tuna packet and back up mac and cheese(No clue how I planned to make it but I had it) Loaf of bread and beef jerky. The Tupperware has crackers, PB and applesauce. Then Gnocchi, behind that was shelled pumpkin seeds and Ginger. Under the Tuna and Gnocchi are containers of

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Battlemoor Prep Part 1-Banners

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With the Byers event over it is time to move on to Battlemoor prep. So looking over the list I had started back at the first of the year it boiled down to Tent Bedding Clothing Banners With the tent taken care of, bedding sorted and clothing being ignored as I am now clothing 2 additional people that left me with Banners. With silk banners being more work then I wanted to put forward until my device is ready I settled for a canvas banner with our Canton’s populace badge. I had started it back in May with the hope I could take it to Byers but after an afternoon of painting the border and the weekends escaping me I set it aside until last night. I ended up free

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