Event 101- Reading an Event Listing

Today while discussing the last event at our canton meeting the topic came up from some of out new folk “I wish I had known we could bring our own snacks! We were SOOOO hungry!” And that sent me thinking on how many things we do in the SCA that we don’t think about but probably should let our new members know!

So today I bring you a short post on Event 101 starting with how to read an event listing!

Always start by cruising the event page, both on Facebook and on the website. They both offer the same information but I find if there is a facebook event you get real-time updates or can interact with others going to the event. This is a great way to set up a carpool or see about getting Loaner garb(Gold Key).

The site should have the where, the when and the what is happening. You may find events to have a theme of some sort.

Some folks take this as an opportunity to make garb to match, this is by no means a requirement.

Some of the Jargon you can find in an event listing;

Member Discount-Paid members of the SCA receive a discount at events, usually, it is 5 off of the registration. Children and Family caps can apply this helps if you have several children in your house. You will want to bring cash or have a check as most sites do not have an ATM or enough coverage to run a card reader. Remember to bring your blue card to show membership! For the same reason, you can’t run a card you might not be able to log in to the SCA site photo of your blue card is a good idea.

Feast Onboard vs Offboard- Some events offer a Feast, basically an evening meal that you can buy a seat at. They are worth it and I have yet to have a bad feast. If they offer a pre-reg I advise you to take it as space can run out. Offboard is often offered as a way for those who want to stay and eat but did not get or want a seat at feast. Keep in mind that depnding on the site there may not be space for this so make sure to ask.

Dry Sites/Wet site- For those 21+ this indicates if drinking will be allowed at the site. You may also see Discreetly Wet, AKA don’t be walking about with a 6 pack but no questions asked about your mug contents. As a reminder for the Outlands and other Kingdoms who reside in states that allow Marijuana, use at official SCA events is prohibited.


1. Marijuana Laws – (Jan 2013 BoD Meeting) In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal. As it is still illegal under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions. Jan 2013 board Meeting.


Brass Bowl Lunch/ Lunch Tavern- For events that run all day lunch is some time offered. Either for a set price or a donation, these meals can be a fund-raiser for a group or another event. You may also see a potluck style lunchs. In that case the polite thing to do is bring a recipe card so others know what is in your food.

The What is Happening

Events tend to fall in-to several categories:

Fighting Events- These events focus on the fighting arts. You will need a blue card (aka the waiver) to fully participate. Don’t be shy and ask if you have an interest many fighters will be happy to explain what is going on or how to get started. There is also a healthy Equestrian community, and in the Outlands you will have to sign a waiver if there are horses on site.

Camping Events- Most SCA events are one day affairs, but some will take a weekend. These you can either day trip or spend the weekend.

A&S Events- These events focus on the Art and Science of the SCA. There is often classes, or competitions going on. These often require a signup and will have to rules listed out.

-Wars- These are multi day camping events. Drawing crowds from all of the known worlds they combine A&S Fighting and Camping into one magical week or weeks.

Crown Tournament and Coronations – These events focus on selecting the next Crown(Unlike in medieval times this is not always a couple and need not be King with his Queen. We have had Queens win their crown! And King and King!) and then the Crowning of said Crown. The Crown Tournament require pre-signing up with letters of intent as, unlike other Events, you and a consort will become the rulers of the Kingdom for the next 6 months. You also have to have a registarted name and device.

Keep in mind this is a general list of events and they often can blend several types depending on how big of an event and how much time there is at said event. However, each event often will have some sort of court so long as either Baron or Baroness or the Crown are in attendance. They act as the opening to the event and take care of any business (Awards, Announcements Ect). There is often than one at the close for any additional business or to thank the Autocrat(the person in charge of running the event).

Up Next what to bring!

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