12th Night 2019

So this year 12th Night took us to the Middle Eastern Oasis complete with a Bazaar and a Coffee Grotto and finally topped off with a dinner feast and Hafla.

The whole event site was transformed and from the moment you walked in it was just magic!

I had been working on a Turkish inspired outfit however due to some miss cutting, and then just time slipping away from me I didn’t get it together. I did, however, raid the Gold Key for a jacket to wear over my normal blue wool tunic so I didn’t feel too left out.

I spent the morning getting settled and finishing up a few of my 12th-night gifts. Small pouches that can double as a mug cover! they are very cute and I like how they came out. I need to finish up some more of them as I didn’t get as many as I would like done but overall they were well received.

Once that was done I scuttled off to the kitchen, my happy place at events! I spent the rest of the afternoon helping cook, chopping onions, mixing up the filling for the Stuffed Börek and then folding them into triangles. Unlike other events, my sister had asked to sit feast so I had agreed to do so with her. We also had a New Comers table that I was to mind…however our populace is FAR to hospitable and took any and all newcomers under their wings so I ended up with an empty table!

Dinner court was long yet amusing! The best part is our Seneschal and our Baronial Herald got their AoA (Award of Arms)! I am still giggling at our Harald as he did not see the award coming at all and the look on his face of pure surprise was amazing!

I ended up helping with tear down and never made it to dancing but it was nice to sit and enjoy chating with fellow Canton members before heading home!

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