A&S Extravaganza

Kerocaro/ April 11, 2019/ A&S, Events/ 0 comments

So with Golden Thimble getting canceled less then 10 Days out, I was glad to see this fun little event pop up in its place. Basically it was planned as a weekend of all thing Arts. Located at our normal A&S space we had 2 days to basically get stuff done! Day One I had started another tunic about a week ago out of some me fabric to try out another method of Tunic making. I managed to get it cut out and sewn together the night before so I took the time to hem up the bottom. I found I didn’t like the sleeves and I had made some errors in the size of the tunic but over all it fit better and was WAY faster to make. Not

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Wet Felting

Kerocaro/ April 8, 2019/ A&S, Project/ 0 comments

So this months Fiber guild was focused on wet felting. Prior to this my experience with felting was unknowingly washing and drying a wool sweater. So with high hopes I made my way over excited to felt some thing on purpose. The first thing we needed was a mold. This was a sheet of padded plastic packing sheets, think the kind of stuff you use between dishes. I picked a small oblong one to work with. Next, we started out laying out small pulls of wool roving. (Basically, just give a light tug to get a small amount of the fibers out) You lay each of the fiber going in one direction with enough to fold over the mold. Once you get a good layer you lay the next layer

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