A&S Extravaganza

So with Golden Thimble getting canceled less then 10 Days out, I was glad to see this fun little event pop up in its place.

Basically it was planned as a weekend of all thing Arts. Located at our normal A&S space we had 2 days to basically get stuff done!

Day One

I had started another tunic about a week ago out of some me fabric to try out another method of Tunic making. I managed to get it cut out and sewn together the night before so I took the time to hem up the bottom. I found I didn’t like the sleeves and I had made some errors in the size of the tunic but over all it fit better and was WAY faster to make. Not to mention no underarm gussets.

I also got some direction on an Italian, and am planning on starting it once I can get a pattern. I am sure I will manage but I dislike late period stuff for all its fitting and curves. I like quick squares.

My sister and I learned a quick banner using poly silk. And she made one for our tent. But seeing as neither of us have our devices ready we will have to settle for canton colors for now.

I did some UFO work, and got a under tunic from Battlemoor out of the mending stack and back in to the garb rotation.

I also got some web work done as the other Social Media Officers had made the trip down.

We took a late lunch break and then came back to pick up and get ready for day two.

Day 2

I was running late as I was bringing kiddo with me. But the day was more focused on our canton meeting and then a little more traditional stitch and bitch.

I did get a set of measurements done so I can finally make something out of the wool I have had sitting for the last 2 years.

But otherwise I didn’t put the right things in my bag to be productive. I was also fighting off a bad headache and wasn’t in the mood for much of anything.

We did however go and buy some mock-up fabric after the event so I don’t mess up more fabric trying to fuss out this new pattern.

Overall, solid weekend and I did get a fair amount done. My goal is to sew out my stash and get things ready for summer camp.

And seeing as how all my garb is washed right now may-hap lay it out and see what I have and what I want more of.

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