New Loom!

Kerocaro/ June 17, 2020/ A&S, Project, Weaving/ 0 comments

For Mothers Day I had asked for a new Inkle loom. As much as I love my tablet loom it isn’t something I can do with kiddo. I get lost in the card turns, and it gets worse if I need to stop for any reason. Thus I figured if all I had to track was up down I stood a chance of weaving more then once a year. After looking at a number of looms I decided to go with WindhavenFiberTools. They had made my first loom and I love the quality and the feel of the loom. I had wanted the larger but COVID had limited her stock so I decided The Minstrel Inkle Loom would be joining the family. Unfortunately, calamity stuck, and about a day or so

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Painting with all my Own Paint

Kerocaro/ June 12, 2020/ A&S, Illumination/ 0 comments

So these past few weeks I have been using Marion Forester’s hand out for making pigments. I have three made up thus far and have been learning a lot! The first was Daffodil, red tulips, and finally Iris. I am not sure how lightfast they are but it has been nice to play with something new. So when the Knowne World Aspiring Scribes Forum on Facebook started a Thursday Quill Quest I was excited to try out my new paint. The downside is I have exactly 3 colors. Neon yellow, olive, and blue/green. Not going to get a scroll done buuuuuuut just the right mix for BUNNIES. It was an experience. They did not paint like my commercial stuff at all. It took more to build up the color. I

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