Painting with all my Own Paint

So these past few weeks I have been using Marion Forester’s hand out for making pigments.

I have three made up thus far and have been learning a lot! The first was Daffodil, red tulips, and finally Iris. I am not sure how lightfast they are but it has been nice to play with something new.

So when the Knowne World Aspiring Scribes Forum on Facebook started a Thursday Quill Quest I was excited to try out my new paint.

The downside is I have exactly 3 colors. Neon yellow, olive, and blue/green. Not going to get a scroll done buuuuuuut just the right mix for BUNNIES.

It was an experience. They did not paint like my commercial stuff at all. It took more to build up the color. I also need to strain my paint more. I have small flower chunks in the paint and I am sure it will be a problem later. I do plan to add some chalk in to the next batch to help get a thicker paint.

I have been working on art trading cards, large enough to practice but not going to take up space. This was bristol I believe. It seemed to play well but I was advised the paint would change depending on the surface.

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