Punkin’ Chunkin’- A Demo

Kerocaro/ October 8, 2018/ Demo/ 0 comments

So one of the ways we have to recruit new members is by going out to do demos. Basically, we go show off or teach about what we do in the SCA. This weekend was Punkin Chunkin’, and yes before you ask there is a connection. Trebuchets, because if you are going to fling pumpkins what better then a weapon designed for such a task? We are lucky to have a Lord whom has 4, yes that is right 4, of them. So it was only natural that we come out with a demo well he was busy dispatching pumpkins. This is my second year coming out, and I really enjoy this demo. Last year was chilly in the morning, and then lovely by afternoon…this year not so much. Day one saw high winds,

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A dabble in some Roman cooking

Kerocaro/ October 1, 2018/ Historical, Research/ 0 comments

So the head of the cooks guild recently invited us out to try out a set of Pompeii stoves. In the spirit of things, I decided to do some quick research on Roman food as it is far from something I had tried before. I was lucky that the local university my husband attends had a copy of “A Taste of Ancient Rome” in the stacks and he picked it up for me to look at. The first thing I found was that near every recipe calls for what is called Garum a fermented fish sauce. It was likened to nuoc mam, a Vietnamese sauce. The second thing I noted was most things are kept simple, each recipe had a very short list of ingredients. Deciding to keep it simple I settle on

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