Punkin’ Chunkin’- A Demo

So one of the ways we have to recruit new members is by going out to do demos. Basically, we go show off or teach about what we do in the SCA.

This weekend was Punkin Chunkin’, and yes before you ask there is a connection. Trebuchets, because if you are going to fling pumpkins what better then a weapon designed for such a task?

We are lucky to have a Lord whom has 4, yes that is right 4, of them. So it was only natural that we come out with a demo well he was busy dispatching pumpkins.

This is my second year coming out, and I really enjoy this demo. Last year was chilly in the morning, and then lovely by afternoon…this year not so much.

Day one saw high winds, bad enough we couldn’t really lay out any of our stuff. We got lucky my deputy had her spinning wheel and our seneschal had his light fighting kit. So between the two of them, we had a bit of a draw.


Day two was bitter cold with rain setting in during the afternoon. However, with the wind down we were able to lay out items. We also had another light fighter and that let us have a few rounds of fighting happen. We met a good number of people and collected information so hopefully, we will have some new faces this winter!

But the cold and forecasted rain did put a damper of attendees and people willing to come out. None the less those who did show had fun.

So I am sure some of you want to ask; So how does one dress for a cold outdoor demo?

Layers, all the layers.

I have my Silk chiton, over that I pulled my wool dress, over that a flannel tunic. Add in my Viking hood and a scarf over my head, mittens, and a wrap of wool blend secured by a broach.  Under that, I did have my long socks and a pair of leggings.

I was rather toasty save for my feet. ( I took the gloves off so that was my own fault…) The feet really could have used a pair of wool socks.


I have decided however that I will be making a bog coat ASAP along with a hat and wool Viking hood.

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