Now with Video Part 2

Kerocaro/ September 5, 2020/ Illumination, Project/ 0 comments

When we last left off I was waiting for packages to appear and provide me with the needed pieces for my overhead rig. I was not disappointed and by Tuesday night I had a camera in the air! Using my new-found knowledge I set the camera video settings feeling proud I could get a better-looking shot. However, lighting continued to be an issue. The LED I had picked up was in a different light color from the other two lights I was using. I also had a light glare. Some fussing with options and I finally gave up. I will sort out later on how to get less of a light reflection and fix the mix-matched lights. Worst case I just got a bed side lamp. The AC adapter did

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Now with Video!

Kerocaro/ September 2, 2020/ Illumination, Project/ 0 comments

This little project is 100% a quarantine project. You stay home long enough you start to get crazy ideas. Then, you get some friends who inspire you and well before you know it is bad idea time. I decided to branch out to video. I had been playing with streaming what I was working on for A&S with little success as I found out my camera only will film for 30 minutes. So why not film several segments of me painting and post them up later? Or some basic tutorials! Or a class! Simple right? Well. No. First I needed to get a better workspace together. The folding table set up I had been using wasn’t cutting it. The table was sitting in front of half my storage and developing

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