Now with Video Part 2

When we last left off I was waiting for packages to appear and provide me with the needed pieces for my overhead rig.

I was not disappointed and by Tuesday night I had a camera in the air!

Using my new-found knowledge I set the camera video settings feeling proud I could get a better-looking shot.

However, lighting continued to be an issue. The LED I had picked up was in a different light color from the other two lights I was using. I also had a light glare. Some fussing with options and I finally gave up. I will sort out later on how to get less of a light reflection and fix the mix-matched lights. Worst case I just got a bed side lamp.

The AC adapter did give me more time than a battery but I am still fighting the auto shut off of the video. I need to figure out how to track when it shuts off and get a better cut. So I once again had odd cuts of what I was filming and lost a majority of my work….

BUT not waiting for better footage, I jumped back in to editing wanting something to show for all my struggles.

Even with some tutorials I still found my self frustrated with Lightworks. It is just fussy. REALLY FUSSY. I may have restarted vs trying to sort out an error. (Let me know if you have a better editor…)

But when all said and done….



Yeah, little excited. (Also trying not to look at the view stats on it…) Honestly, this is the first time I have done something like this. I have no plans beyond sharing it with some of my scribe groups for the moment. I need to learn more and get better footage before I go much further.

But for now I am going to enjoy my success.

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