Caerthe Yule 2019

Kerocaro/ November 24, 2019/ Events/ 0 comments

So Yule was early this year, in part because Thanksgiving was so late and more that finding a space in Dec is a challenge. But Mother nature provided and gave a snowstorm the day before leaving things looking a lot like the Holidays. The event was with a potluck dinner, so I decided to make a stuffed pumpkin and then thanks to work not eating all the cinnamon rolls a bread pudding. The nice part was the event started at noon, so I had all morning to cook and get ready. Mind you it still took 2 attempts to get out the door. But we made it before court! I was still pinning on garb when court started but hey in SCA time that is early! Kiddo was a touch

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A Name and Device!

Kerocaro/ November 22, 2019/ Newcomers/ 0 comments

So I had been toying around with a name and device for a fair bit and when the offer came to hold a heraldry night I decided to take the plunge. I had the device this sitting in my journal for ages, and per the advice, I had been given, I found it made me happy. My name I had been going by for a bit after many many hours of research. How do you design your Arms? I personally took the simple is best. I picked elements that I felt represented me and what I do and are not common. I have yet to find another Bag of Madder…most people prefer to use animals or super complex patterns. No, you can’t just slap a few things together. There are

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The start of something Italian.

Kerocaro/ November 10, 2019/ Clothing, Project/ 0 comments

Some times I just need a good push for making something…the right piece of fabric, a full day of nothing….or enough beer to get me to drop my worry of getting something perfect. Or a deadline. I am really good with a deadline. So when 12th night was announced followed by a whole how-to class I said, why not?! It oddly enough checked all my boxes! (Ok mayhap not the drinking but I am sure a Drunk A&S will pop up) I found beautiful fabric, have Sundays to work sans kid, and a deadline of Jan. We started with undergarments! A logical start, you need what is under the gown to make the over gown look right. Of course, being me I over thought it. But reality says “hey this

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