Caerthe Yule 2019

So Yule was early this year, in part because Thanksgiving was so late and more that finding a space in Dec is a challenge. But Mother nature provided and gave a snowstorm the day before leaving things looking a lot like the Holidays.

The event was with a potluck dinner, so I decided to make a stuffed pumpkin and then thanks to work not eating all the cinnamon rolls a bread pudding.

The nice part was the event started at noon, so I had all morning to cook and get ready. Mind you it still took 2 attempts to get out the door. But we made it before court! I was still pinning on garb when court started but hey in SCA time that is early!

Kiddo was a touch hesitant when they called the kids forward, as the chase the toy box game was reintroduced and after shooing him to his Aunt he returned with a squirt gun and was ready to play. We checked out all the make and take tables, before returning to play Glückhaus.

Glückhaus is a great game for littles, it teaches adding, moves quick enough they can’t get bored and has little trinkets. I think some starter kits will be in order for the Largess challenge for the 50th year.

We stopped playing for cookies with the queen, and Kiddo was Super excited about the juice (a super rare treat in our house) and the cookie was equally coveted.

By then the other kids had cleared out of the mask make and take and he really wanted to make one so he happily settled into painting one. A few feathers later and he was done.

We ended up with a kids’ space, that was a quiet space but well when you get that many kiddos together well they feed off each other. We played there until a potty break and then ended up in storytime.

After that, I had to pop my potluck items back in the oven to warm up and it was time for court. The children were called forward again and all the kneeling pillows pushed forward, and our Blackthorn Bard gave a delightful tale. Kiddo wasn’t thrilled to share the pillow with anyone and started to fuss but her Majesty pulled her footrest and offered it and came to sit with us. That made him happy and he settled into the tale.

The toy chest came out again and there were a few tears as they tried to pick an item. And I had to be firm that once we picked it was done with kiddo as he kept wanting to check out everything in the box. We ended up playing in the hall and darting back and forth to the kitchen.

The pot luck dinner was well received and had a little of something. My favorite was the Rum Fig cake. Really hit the craving I have had for figs, and the rum taste didn’t hurt either.

By then Kiddo had hit his limit so it was time to go. Overall a nice laid back event, and I will be happy to see it again next year.

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