A Name and Device!

So I had been toying around with a name and device for a fair bit and when the offer came to hold a heraldry night I decided to take the plunge. I had the device this sitting in my journal for ages, and per the advice, I had been given, I found it made me happy. My name I had been going by for a bit after many many hours of research.

How do you design your Arms?

I personally took the simple is best. I picked elements that I felt represented me and what I do and are not common. I have yet to find another Bag of Madder…most people prefer to use animals or super complex patterns.

No, you can’t just slap a few things together. There are rules, and you have to spend time cross-checking to make sure you don’t conflict with another device

It really is a process, one that you should take some time on. Once you register a device it is yours. Yes, they can be released or charged and retained as alternates, but let us face it people may always know it is you.

I strongly recommend //heraldry.sca.org/ as a jumping-off point. Facebook offers a number of groups and if you are in the Outlands //outlandsheralds.org is the place to start.

So what about names?

That is a whole post unto its self but the long and short is, pick something you can live with being mauled, you respond to and as most things makes you happy.

So what do you do once you submit your name and device?


No, really it is a lot of waiting. Mine was placed in with the April letter, 6 months later, on Halloween none the less, I was informed both my name and the device passed!

The final product, I am super happy with it. This is also a much cleaned up version, my marker one was not smooth nor good for tracing…

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