The start of something Italian.

Some times I just need a good push for making something…the right piece of fabric, a full day of nothing….or enough beer to get me to drop my worry of getting something perfect. Or a deadline.

I am really good with a deadline.

So when 12th night was announced followed by a whole how-to class I said, why not?! It oddly enough checked all my boxes! (Ok mayhap not the drinking but I am sure a Drunk A&S will pop up) I found beautiful fabric, have Sundays to work sans kid, and a deadline of Jan.

We started with undergarments! A logical start, you need what is under the gown to make the over gown look right.

Of course, being me I over thought it. But reality says “hey this is 5 squares of fabric and some gathering.”

So until I can untangle in my brain how exactly to do this I will leave you with Realm of Venus basically the best resource for renaissance Italy.

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