Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium 2019

This year’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences Collegium was to be held at the Lowery Center at CSU just a short drive up the interstate. It was also announced Queen’s Prize was to happen. It is by far one of my favorite competitions. Thus it was no question about my next event to attend was.

I was smart enough to not sign up for Queens Prize, as much as I would have loved too, seeing as it had been so close to Fool’s. I instead dove into the course guide and loaded up on classes I wanted to take. My Husband was also interested once I confirmed the Archery track was happening so we decided to make a day of it with just us and talked Nana into watching Kiddo.

We started the day by arriving somewhat late to court. But we got the important bits. Necromancy is NOT part of the 7 Sciences laid out by Aristotle and that we should go forth and learn!

Eager to fulfill that I handed my bag off to my Husband and with several others made the long trek to the Glass Tent.

Here we settled into the lampworking beginners class. This was a huge step for me as I don’t like fire and I am a little skitterish of things popping. But after going over the basics and then being let to go at it. I managed 3 lovely little white beads. The colored glass gave me some issues, unlike the white the colors of when it was ready was NOT the nice clear of the white. So 2 beads met the scrap. By then we had strayed into another class time so I took my leave.

Next up I had down the pigment class but with the overlap ended up at the Scribes table and just spent some time painting. I finished another trading card and by then it was time to collect my Husband and eat some lunch.

We headed back and I caught the cutwork lace embroidery class. I was rather happy to sit and sew and ask some questions on Italian garb inbetween learning the basics of this craft.

Once we called it done we headed back out to the glass tent to retrieve my beads and help break down the tent. Luckily several knights came by and piched in leaving us time before Court.

There is one thing that I do love about our current King and Queen is their love to play. And we had a good laugh over a dual of compliments, smiles for awards and many thanks from all in attendance. The lovely Queen’s Prize winner was Hana for her work with period bead making. A well-deserved award as she had been working on it for at this point almost a year.

With no dinner plans with the rest of the Canton, we headed home as the weather called for snow. We also found the only Runza here….yeah French Onion Dip for Onion rings may have been a good end to a busy and relaxed day of learning.

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