Festival of Fools

I will admit, some times past me is WAY to over-eager to volunteer future me for things. So when past me said, “Dude I will cook lunch!” I thought easy I can do this…..fast forward.

Mundane life tossed me a few curves, I wasn’t feeling well week of and yeah past me didn’t check out our notes of responsibility and said: “Oh Oh I want a scroll!!”

Yeah. Bless my silly little heart.

Lucky several years of Con running made itself useful as I have a tendency to plan everything out and do so in a short amount of time.

Lunch Menu

  • Main Dish
  • -Brats (Fresh grilled!)
  • -Pumpkin Soup
  • Sides-
  • Grilled Parmesan mushrooms
  • Grilled Zucchini
  • A Chicken Salad
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs
  • Fresh fruit
  • Bread and Herb Butter
  • And to finish off the meal your choice Welsh Cakes or crustless Pumpkin Pie!

So with some shopping, raiding of our garden and a night of cooking/prep, Lunch was ready to happen.

That was far easier to type then make happen. The wind chose that day to strike, and lucky my Husband is stubborn. After an hour of struggle, we got a cooking set of coals to do the mushrooms and the Zucchini and reheat the soup.

From there we came to crunch with the Brats as our coals started to lose heart. However, we ended up making it work and better yet had enough food for everyone.

After that, it was time to clean up and then let me really look around as I had been so focused on lunch.

At that point, Kiddo also wanted snuggles (He had been playing and came back to eat and make a nest under my table) and I talked him into some lunch.

I will admit I was exhausted and was happy to just sit for a little. We did pack up lunch once we had all eaten. Husband and Kiddo took their leave as it was time for his nap.

I settled into visiting more with people and just relaxing. We also had a pie a Peer/Baron/Senchal to do before Court.

Much laughter was had and we raised a fair amount of funds for the Canton. But it did hold Court up as we attempted to get everyone cleaned back up. Lucky I still had my diaper bag with baby wipes so we finally settled in to court.

By this point, I was pretty exhausted and was sitting on the pavement. So when they called Æva of Skye I was like cool! I didn’t know she was here! Followed by the Barron and Baroness hissing “Dyer!”



That is me.

I managed to get up off the ground, bow, bow again kneel and then it started to click….hey I am getting my Award of Arms.


I honestly can’t remember much other than being thanked for my work on the website, and in the Canton.

But AS I bowed and sat back it kind of hit me hey I did it. And warm fuzzy the scribe who did it is from my first Kingdom Calontir!

At that point, they call the Autocrat Chelsea, ask if she has anything she says no I am good thank you all. They award largess for the event then as she is getting up to go they say no no come back here.

Watching it click for her was priceless. Seeing as I had no clue and she was waaaaay broadsided and it was met with much cheering.

After that they called up Sigric…we figured finally to give him some crap about running around with a fake crown and making merry. Nope, he was getting a Stags Heart.

At that point, they Awarded another AoA to my sister. She was excited as the King himself had done the AoA on site that day.

From there opened Baronial Court and I was excited as I knew about the Jubilant Pride of Caerthe award for Arndis…however as they called out the first one, then the other for Chelsea…then me.

Oh, that sneaky, sneaky Scribe. She had given me one, my sister the other two.

Once finished it was time to pack up as the sun was setting and I think we had all had enough of the wind.

My husband was kind enough to come back and help get my stuff and we decided to head home and get some rest.

Overall it was an amazing event. I can honestly say I am glad I managed to pull lunch off and must give a thank you to those who donated things to lunch so we didn’t end up losing money. I was also glad people like the food I made and gave me a boost of confidence after the Battlemoor food snafus.

Now I need to work on getting my scrolls framed and safely stored until we have wall space to display them.

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