Pumpkin Chunkin’

So once again we headed out to probably my favorite demo. Despite the fact I wasn’t near as organized as I would have liked we still pulled off a nice set up and with a fair number of light fighters and then some fun A and S. We got a fair number of people to stop and check us out.

We looked really sharp!

My contribution was a fun “Guess the Medieval Spice”. I can’t take credit for this fun game, Eulalia Piebakere had posted how she had made it up for a demo of her own. (Check out her amazing blog! The original post is here )

However, I did come by some wonderful little boxes. A few holes drilled later and my spice game was set up.

Box with spice's in small round wood containers
That little box is the best it helped keep them all rounded up!

Unfortunately, I found that the spices were hard to smell and opted to pull a bit of netting over and secured it with a hair tie. As far as a key I did write a number on the bottom however I didn’t get to make a chart with little facts. So I memorized them and talked as I could about them. I had a paper key that my other hosts could reference when I was away.

I also did a make your own heraldry/ Coat of Arms. I was given a “Heraldry for Smalls” so I printed a copy for them to look at and then we had our Baronial herald there to talk more. I am a bit sad I realized that I missed out adding on our SCA info on the sheets. But for last-minute and 15 bucks, I can’t complain. It got us a bunch of kids to stop and gave us time to chat up the parents.

Once I get a better copy I will post up the sheet if anyone wants to use it for their own demo.

Day one was windy, but warm, unlike last year. I was able to get some painting in and made up another trading card. However with my paint drying as fast as I was applying it I was glad I didn’t go for anything bigger.

Day two was perfect. Warm with reduced winds (it is high prairie…not having wind would be a problem) I got a second piece done and plan to make it up as a thank you card for the city as they have been super nice to let us come. We also had enough light fighters to run a quick little tournament!

Overall I was happy things came together. We had fun and I hope whoever takes this demo next year will keep pushing it up.

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