Fall Crown Tournament 2019

So on top of running this blog, I also manage our website and help moderate Social Media for our local group. Thus when his current majesty made a plea for some “fighter cards”(I am not sure what else to call them, basically a photo and who is fighting for who) and shields for Crown tournament I had a “Hey I can do that!” moment.

Fast-forward to the week after Labor Day.

The fighter cards, all things considered, were easy to do. I made a blank keeping with the chess theme and then plugged in each of the fighters who got me a photo and device. Those who didn’t I just place their arms and I moved on.

We posted these to the Facebook group to help the populace know who was vying to become the next Crown. They also go used in the official blog post as we got down to the last fights.

The shields I had planned to just laminate them simple quick and easy.

However, as I looked at getting them printed I took a full stop. I love our crown, I really do….but 60 bucks for lamination. N.O.P.E.

So for less than that, I found some self-laminating sheets and planned to do it my self. Of course, I didn’t read the single-sided until I had applied one the night before. A WalMart run later I ended up getting double-sided ones that fell off once I cut them to shape. Lucky we have a well-stocked craft room so I grabbed some felt to back them.

The final project!

So with my commitments done I was able to focus on getting to Crown.

I was lucky to be able to carpool with friends and per our canton packed waaaay more food than we really needed.

We arrived early as the MoL had asked for Arndis to help run the tournament and I needed to hand off the shields. They were well received, and the only feedback I had was to add names to the back next time.

From there it was a lovely day of sitting back, watching fights and eating snacks!

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