12th Night 2020

This year’s 12th Night took us to Venice complete with masks and fancy late period garb.

I did manage to get my garb to a state of done, not perfect, but done. That will be another post unto its self as I learned a lot about later period dressmaking.

I got out the door and to the event on time even with some last-minute stops for snacks and coffee. Once there however getting dressed was a challenge, I had, in theory, made the closures to ladder lace but wasn’t sure how exactly to do so. Lucky Isabell was on hand and got me laced in and then offered to do my hair up.

THL Isabelle uses a method of hairdressing that involves, sewing the hair in place. You can read more here. It is very effective and I was rather surprised that my hair held all day, something that normally never happens.

From there I settled in with the rest of our canton and did a few laps of the dome to check out merchant wears and say hello to folks before settling into the Scribal Scriptorium.

A major thanks to Lady Marion Forester and Her Husband Aoki Tadamitsu for a lovely snack spread at the Scriptorium. I spent most of the time snacking and working on a new piece along with chatting with others who stopped by. Taking breaks to let things dry.

I did end up catching up with our Event Steward slightly before Court and after some prompting from another friend made sure she got a snack and water. After that we ended up at gate helping settle that out, a process to be sure. We took a few breaks for her to be called into court and to see another friend get his AoA.

Once done we moved on to dinner, of course being a dinner court ran on its own time. The food was lovely and the table conversation fun. Baronial court meandered in and out of court and I am happy to say more well-deserved awards were handed out.

From there it came time to clean up and I decided to take my nice overdress off and run in my camicia. Poor choice as the single line of stitching on the neckline broke as I was helping lift and move things. At that point, I found my mundane clothing and got the push broom off the staff and set about sweeping the whole event space. Several dust bunnies, a fair number of marshmallows (Children may have been armed with a catapult….) and straight pins galore it was somehow almost midnight. The staff shooed us out at that point saying we could stop cleaning for real.

I headed home exhausted and ready to get some sleep.

Overall another wonderful event and honestly I can’t wait to see who is willing to take on 2021.

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