Summer Projects

Kerocaro/ May 25, 2021/ A&S, Plans/ 0 comments

It seems like summer has crept up on me this year. Granted as things are opening back up the weeks seem to go by quickly compared to last summer. Funny what going out of the house does. With that I do have some summer projects planned! The lovely Emilee of Our Shield Maiden and on Instagram (@oursheildmaiden) Is hosting a summer sew-along for June. The focus is going to be 18th Century pockets! I decided to jump in after Maridith highlighted it in her stories. Out of my normal time but as I had a set of 16th Century ones line up for my Italian dress that is on hold I figured why not. (I may also have a copy of American Dutchess’s “18th Century Dressmaking”….a someday project!) On a

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Outlands Collegium A.S. LV

Kerocaro/ May 22, 2021/ A&S, Events, Online/ 0 comments

This past Saturday was the Outlands Collegium A.S. LV an online event held by the Kingdoms University. Feeling slightly better and figuring I could manage sitting and listening to lectures just as well as I could lay on the sofa and watch TV with the kid, I got out some garb and made a class list. I started with Modren Alchemy and enjoyed getting some of the science behind Dye. Given I never took chemistry it was interesting to see some of the “why” for what I have been doing. The next class was Happy Little B. This one was more of a paint-along ( sadly the painting had been pre-recorded.) However, it gave some great insight into how others paint. The teacher also informed us that we want permanent

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