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AKA the event out in Byers that no one can ever pronounce, but it is really fun and I highly recommend it! It is hard to believe it has been a year since this event and I can honestly say I have grown a lot and felt much better about this year’s event! This was also the first and last time I will be camping with my sister, we had good plans and good intentions however we learned fast we don’t make good tent mates and for the sake of not doing each other in we will be splitting up for Battlemoor. That aside she did get us set up on her Don’s House’s meal plan, and I can say they saved many lives by having coffee ready every morning!

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So one of the few social media platforms I actually like is Instagram. I rather enjoy the little snapshot of life, and despite the fact that hashtags still are odd I have found the #mysca to be rather refreshing a point of inspiration. So I encourage you to check my SCA account out, // It again isn’t official but I like being able to add event snapshots and my small Raven friend may be making his debut there when he isn’t taking over the official baronial feed. I will also have the most recent image as part of the website for those who don’t do Instagram.