Battlemoor 2018

Kerocaro/ July 23, 2018/ Events/ 0 comments

Well, the whole event started off with some light panic, my campmate called and let me know the weekend before that “hey by the way the truck wasn’t working therefore we didn’t have a way to tow the trailer.” Yeah. So with that, we started looking at all our options and finally settled with let us see if the van will hold the ridge poles and if it will then we can take that. After snuggling some kittens out at her folk’s place for courage we slid the first upright in and with less than a hand span between that and the back of the van we gave a cheer as this plan was going to work! Not wanting to try and set up our camp in the dark after

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Battlemoor- Clothing for 4 days

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So one of the things I figured was I need a lot more clothing to get through a week of camping. How much more? Well my current closet is made up 1 tan tunic that needs repairs as it is falling apart. 1 red tunic A gray tunic I had made for when I was nursing and then messed up the sleeves on in an attempt to make them smaller/shorter One brown Viking apron dress One green apron dress One blue overtunic made from a heavy blue cotton that looks like wool. One Viking hood An Ikea dish towel I had been using to cover my head. Well, not a bad list overall it sure wasn’t going to last. More so if the promised 80-degree weather rolled on in. So it was time

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Battlemoor- A lighting Solution.

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So, on my Battlemoor prep, one of the things I had down for things that worked was these nice little battery candle tea lights. And well they did me well, I figured why not round them up in a lantern?   This lantern from Ikea has been used in several upcycles for SCA lighting. Being lucky enough to have an IKEA in town I made a note to snag one on our next visit.   Now one of the issues I found straight off the bat was that when one’s toddler manages to pull the handle off with ease there is a good chance it wasn’t going to last to start with. But not wanting to give up I asked my husband to rebend them back in so that it would stay together.

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Battlemoor- The start of the plan

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So I know this going to span the next few weeks but with one camping event under my belt I need to focus on what will be a priority for this next adventure. This week I plan on addressing some of the “Things that needed work” from my last camping trip. Some things are simple and simply require a better packing list. Others are a weekend project. So without further ado the first of a multi-weekend project. A  6 board Chest. So one of the things I disliked about my things was how mundane they were. A plastic tote and milk crate well practical do tend to stick out. Well, I can cover them as I learned a stiff breeze will take off with it…and I have to mind that it stays

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