Battlemoor- A lighting Solution.

So, on my Battlemoor prep, one of the things I had down for things that worked was these nice little battery candle tea lights.

And well they did me well, I figured why not round them up in a lantern?


This lantern from Ikea has been used in several upcycles for SCA lighting.

Being lucky enough to have an IKEA in town I made a note to snag one on our next visit.


Now one of the issues I found straight off the bat was that when one’s toddler manages to pull the handle off with ease there is a good chance it wasn’t going to last to start with.

But not wanting to give up I asked my husband to rebend them back in so that it would stay together.

With that done I had run out of time and simply packed it up to use at Battlemoor.


Going forward I do plan to paint or replace the glass with something that mimics parchment or mayhap replace with canvas.

As far as in the tent lighting I placed 3 of the LED’s on a mirror. That provided enough light to undress by but didn’t destroy my night vision.



Additional reading:

This site gives a wonderful look at lanterns.


Read up here on candles well LEDs are useful and FAR safer it is nice to know what should be used.

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