New Skill- Calligraphy

Kerocaro/ August 24, 2020/ A&S/ 0 comments

For those who know me, well calligraphy is just not my thing. I have horrific handwriting to start with. Not just messy but inconsistent, letters flex and it gets worse as I try and spell anything. (This blog is a living testament to my spelling skills….). Pair that with years of bad habits and the struggle is real. However, as we drag into months of COVID I figured. Why not? I can’t really get at my usual vic…I mean loving calligraphers to write things for me. I also have the Aspiring Scribes group to bother with my attempts. I have in the past tried to do calligraphy and each time it just didn’t click. I needed baby hand holding, you have no clue level of help. Lucky the group had

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Medieval ReCreationist Box

Kerocaro/ August 17, 2020/ Products/ 0 comments

With events being canceled left and right it became apparent that many of our wonderful merchants would need solid financial help this season. Enter the Medieval ReCreationist Box, lead by the wonderful Countess Slaine. This brainchild was to buy things in bulk, put them in price point boxes, and send them out to a very excited populace! I had been eyeing them after seeing the first-round go out and for my birthday I signed up for 6 months of joy! Mostly because I am HORRIBLY indecisive. I will agonize over what to get to the point of not getting it. So this was a good way to try thing out and get thing I would normally NEVER think to buy. My first box was the perfect birthday present! I got

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