New Skill- Calligraphy

For those who know me, well calligraphy is just not my thing. I have horrific handwriting to start with. Not just messy but inconsistent, letters flex and it gets worse as I try and spell anything. (This blog is a living testament to my spelling skills….). Pair that with years of bad habits and the struggle is real.

However, as we drag into months of COVID I figured. Why not? I can’t really get at my usual vic…I mean loving calligraphers to write things for me. I also have the Aspiring Scribes group to bother with my attempts.

I have in the past tried to do calligraphy and each time it just didn’t click. I needed baby hand holding, you have no clue level of help. Lucky the group had some pointers.

Step one was ditch the marker. I had picked it up to fake some calligraphy last time I put off a scroll. It worked aces for that but for the real deal…..yeah. Not good.

calligraphy on dot grid with marker on top
My first attempt.

The second attempt I pulled out the nibs. I also learned putting the paper on a tilt did wondering for helping my hands work out the strokes.

Next up learning to use my Ames lettering guide! I also need to get some more paper to work on as I have been told that will affect how things turn out.

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