Condottieri-A taste of camping in the SCA

Kerocaro/ June 3, 2018/ Events, Plans/ 0 comments

So a few populace meetings back we had tossed around a lunch tavern idea and few phone calls later we had been granted space at Condottieri. I at the time had said yes I would be willing to help and then promptly spaced it. Upon being reminded I panicked and then proceeded to get ready for a camping event. The matter of a place to sleep was resolved by fellow canton member (and the one in charge of the tavern.) The rest was up to me. As far as the event itself, it was lovely! The location reminded me strongly of the Cattle Raids site in Calontir. Lucky for me the cottonwood didn’t start running until we got home, so well I needed allergy medication I wasn’t miserable. I spent a

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