Condottieri-A taste of camping in the SCA

So a few populace meetings back we had tossed around a lunch tavern idea and few phone calls later we had been granted space at Condottieri. I at the time had said yes I would be willing to help and then promptly spaced it. Upon being reminded I panicked and then proceeded to get ready for a camping event.

The matter of a place to sleep was resolved by fellow canton member (and the one in charge of the tavern.)

The rest was up to me.

As far as the event itself, it was lovely! The location reminded me strongly of the Cattle Raids site in Calontir. Lucky for me the cottonwood didn’t start running until we got home, so well I needed allergy medication I wasn’t miserable.

I spent a fair amount of time helping set up and prep cook for the lunch tavern after I arrived on Saturday. Sadly the heat and the fact that as the first time there was a lunch tavern there was very little business and we shut down after lunch and tossing about the idea of reopening after dinner. (Spoiler we never did…) My son and mother had come with me and they spent the morning playing and exploring the site before the afternoon heat finally sent them home to cool off and let my son take a nap.

From there I moved on to the next kitchen, the feast kitchen! Feast was a delicious Italian spread, notably for me was the caramelized onions, an amazing pasta, and rice pudding with caramelized honey nuts. The pudding was super amazing as by then I was feeling like I could eat again (I took a touch of overheating combined with not drinking enough water that killed my appetite) and cold pudding just hit the spot!

After dinner, I wandered back down and ended up at Hawks Hollows’ wheel of jello, where I met up with some fellow canton members and chatted with them until I decided that sleep needed to happen. I then did a quick clean up of our tavern securing down food and our paper goods. After that, it dawned on me the pillow I had meant to grab never made it into my bag so I rolled up my towel and fell asleep as the scent of bacon wafted across the air.

As a side note, it wasn’t until I got home that I realized, we have my son’s sound machine on and I have become so accustomed to it that sleeping without it is rough.

Morning brought me a delema…the prior day we had been using the Zippos to light the grills as the BBQ lighters got left at home.

I don’t have a zippo.

And thus started my staring at the grills and trying to be civil. Made all the harder by a morning person. Cheerful and helpful and ready to have a full on conversation with me, I feel slightly bad for being a bit gruff but they survived. I was rescued by both the people with the lighters getting up and my fellow Chataline producing a lighter. With that coffee was made and I was far more awake and ready to deal with people.

I did a spell watching over our Chataline’s tent with the gold key until the wind made an attempt to take off with the pop-up! After a quick rescue, we got it all down in the Barony’s Dragon Wing and then packed back up just in time for the wind to become a storm. At that point, the Dragon wings got dropped as the winds made a play for them and some scrambling later I was back under our tavern pop-up and the second day of lunches fell short due to the weather.

At that point, I realized I should probably look at heading home. My loving husband came out to pick me back up and was nice enough to stay for court before we shook off my stuff and headed home.


Overall a good weekend.


Things that worked:

  • The French press once I got hot water. I don’t function without coffee, and well people may get a head ripped off.
  • The LED candles- they looked good and made the trip to the port-potty better.
  • Old Fashion Bavarian Bakery kaiser rolls- they are low carb (if the packet is right…) and they seemed to sit well in the heat.
  • Apples- Quick and again sat well in the heat.
  • The sleeping bag- high plane nights get cold still…


Things that need work:

  • Chest- The tote was ok and good for keeping out dirt but a 6 board chest would be nice.
  • Remember a PIllow….my poor neck.
  • Padding on my cot. Getting old is a pain.
  • My own booze- Mead is good, Wine will do, and hard liquor is ok.
  • A stove I can light. OR a bbq lighter. No fire No Coffee.
  • A mug with a strap and/or a capped bottle of extra water.
  • Hats- I need a better head cover and probably need to address my hair.
  • More hot weather garb.

The Dream:

My own tent. I would love to have my own. Namely, so I can bring my son (and mayhap my husband!) and too so that I can offer a place for a wayward newcomer to crash when they eagerly say “Hey I can help with that!”

My goal is to start pushing for a period encampment, something I can be proud of.

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