SCA 101: A Feast you say?

So one of my first memories of being taken to an SCA event was the feast. I honestly can’t tell you what I ate or really anything leading up to it aside from being asked to go and then learning hey you need your own stuff to eat off of.

Lucky for me an assortment of feast gear was left in a free to a good home box. My companions quickly sorted me out a few things and I was on my way to dinner.

So you might ask what is feast gear?

The short answer period looking mug, bowl, plate, and utensials.  

I am sure many of you are thinking why would I need feast gear?! I have paper plates and a plastic water bottle!

Practical yes.

Period not so much.

Granted there is a time and place but lets face it a feast kit is one of the simple ways to get in to the spirit of things. 

Besides do you really want to have plate faliure with amazing food piled high?


No you do not. 


What should you have in a feast kit?


I would start with a way to hold it all, Basket, Bag or chest make it easy to carry and sturdy to protect your investment. Personaly I have The Grand Basket of Snacks, it lets me take all my gear plus snack and lets me hide the mundane. It also has handles and is easy to carry. 

Once you establish that the kit its self should have;

A mug; Ceramic, metal, glass, leather or wood. Handles are nice as you can hang them off a belt, a handy thing when you are on the go and need to stay hydrated.  But keep in mind the metal and wood and leather will not be shattered when knocked off a table. 

Also mind what you will be drinking. Water tastes good in all of the above…my copper mug with coffee. Lets say hot coffee was hot. 

A plate; Wood ceramic or metal. Want to go true period?  Go with a trencher! Medieval Cookery  talks more about this, but think bread plate. 

Bowls; ceramic or wood. I got smart at Crown and took my glass tupperwaer. made clean up a breeze. Snapped the plastic top on the left overs and done.

Fork, Spoon Knife.  You can get cool sets, I raid mine out of our silverware drawer. 

Napkin, gotta wipe them fingers some how. Any mom with a toddler will tell you things are going to get messy at some point…so bring a stack. A simple squre of fabric will do.  

Other things you can add;

Hand Sanatizer- lets face it you have been touching things, and will probably touch your food. Wash ’em or sanatize ’em.

Tablecloth or placemat- Mark your spot, cover the plastic table or just add some color. It can also act as padding if you use ceramic.

LED Candles, There has been a real push to candle light dinners, and seeing as many places get twitchy about flame, an LED set is the way to go.

Your drink of choice- many feasts do a water service, then a choice of flavored beverage often lemonaid. If that isn’t your thing bring your own.  If the site is wet (aka allows alchol) you can bring some for you, or your table if all are of age to partake. We had a great dinner at Battlemoor with a bottle of shared wine.  

Wipes- Great for a quick cleanup, for you or your plates until you can get home.  

Ziplocks- great for leftovers or sealing up dirty dishes to take home.

Grocery sack- Dirty dishe holder till you can go wash them. 

Wash rag and soap- some places will have a sink and don’t be afraid to jump in and wash some of the other kitchen dishes.


So where do I get all this?

Painted Skies Pottery – Hands down my favorite place for ceramics. Kate’s work is amazing both of my mugs have come from her.


Ikea- Roll your eyes but I picked up some simple ceramic plates out of the as-is section. They also sell wooden bowls. and I have a growing stash of their 79c towls. 

Goodwill/ARC/ Salvation Army- Any second-hand shop should have something you can use. 

Have a suggestion? A merchant you want to recommend? Post in the comments!

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