Camping 101- Staying Warm

Kerocaro/ November 16, 2018/ Plans/ 0 comments

So one of the biggest challenges at Battlemoor was the fact that it could be 80+ during the day but then dip down into the 40’s at night. Needless to say, it lead to many folks being rather cross each morning complaining of a lack of sleep due to shivering half the night. So how on earth can we combat that and make camping a delightful experience? Some of it is realizing unless you have endless pockets to fund things you want to rely on some modern cheats. As staying safe and warm is way more important than forgoing gear for authenticity. Step one get off the ground.   The ground will siphon off your much-needed heat faster than hopping in the snowmelt stream. (Also a bad idea before sundown) A period bed frame

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The SCA with a Toddler

Kerocaro/ November 2, 2018/ Events, Plans/ 0 comments

For most of us, the SCA is something that you tend to think of to some extent as being a family thing. It is living history and well it isn’t like children just popped up as squiers or ladies in waiting. As crazy as it sounds, many of us wonder how exactly do I get my tiny overload out to an event and then have us survive the day? And second is it really possible to do it with period things? Absolutely! To start, children look downright adorable in garb. It is also easy to make. Pillowcase tunics,  a pair of pants add a belt and boom done. Make several because chances are you will be changing them. Also don’t be afraid to make them large, they tend to grow fast

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