Thimble Time

Kerocaro/ November 16, 2020/ A&S, Project/ 0 comments

So one of the things I hate is poking myself with any sort of pins or needles. Not ideal as a seamstress but alas here I am. I am normally careful and use fewer pins than I need. Prior to delving into historical sewing I also didn’t hand sew much. However, with more and more projects needing the control hand sewing provides it became clear I needed finger protection. Having left Joann’s at least three times without buying a leather thimble I decided I would just make one. I had a lovely scrap of leather that would work for a thimble and a second loop for maximum finger safety. I did some quick research and came across this tutorial on youtube. It seemed pretty straight forward so I gathered up

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Week 3 & 4 Calontir Clothing Challenge

Kerocaro/ November 9, 2020/ A&S, Calontir Clothing Challenge/ 0 comments

So I am a week behind on my original time line. But to be fair I had to wait for books and at the last minute my kid decided no I don’t want to wear my old costume I want to be a pumpkin! So week 3 was filled with runs to the fabric store and cutting out multiple things. I have decided that I need a real cutting table. My lower back was not amused with the kitchen table and the floor has catsharks who love to “help”. The Drawers Or an adventure in pants suck. I started by reading my instructions, several times before diving into a paper pattern. I found the bara tapes to be quick and easy to lay everything out. I still feel like my

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