Award of Arms Scroll- Part One

Kerocaro/ March 24, 2022/ A&S, Scribe/ 0 comments

Almost 2 years ago now a friend had been awarded her Award of Arms at an event. Sadly there was an issue with it and before she could take it home it disappeared. Unfortunately, she has had a lonely blank spot on her wall since then. Prior to the pandemic, I said I would replace the missing AoA for her and took on the backscroll. It took a bit for me to get around not having a firm deadline when the pandemic hit but as things looked better I finally sat down and armed with the knowledge I had picked up from classes I had been taking got to work.   Since this wasn’t a surprise I opted to have her input on what she would like to see on

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Garb for Kids

Kerocaro/ March 17, 2022/ Clothing, Project/ 0 comments

One of the things I am constantly fighting against is just how quickly my older one grows out of clothing. We are talking new pants every three months, not easy on the pocketbook. So it is no surprise after almost 2 years of being out of SCA events that the only thing left that fit him was a tunic I had bought 3 sizes too big! With 12th Night for Carethe on the books, I realized I was going to need to get him re-outfitted with something ASAP. Feeling like some fancy garb was in order I asked if he would like a Tudor outfit to match the gown I planned to wear. After some thought, he said yes and I set about figuring out how to make it. My

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Kerocaro/ March 4, 2022/ Personal/ 0 comments

It has been a bit since I last posted. My ongoing A&S project decided that October was just too long to wait. So we welcomed my second child in September. Having a newborn is a fair amount of work and put just about everything on hold as we adjusted to our new normal. So what have I been doing? Honestly before the New Year, not much aside from keeping up with things on social media. (It is easy to scroll and nurse, more so at 2 am!) But with the start of the new year and with the baby starting to nap more on his own I have made some progress on projects. I have been able to attend a few virtual classes at the Kingdom of Atlantia University. I

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