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One of the things I am constantly fighting against is just how quickly my older one grows out of clothing. We are talking new pants every three months, not easy on the pocketbook. So it is no surprise after almost 2 years of being out of SCA events that the only thing left that fit him was a tunic I had bought 3 sizes too big!

With 12th Night for Carethe on the books, I realized I was going to need to get him re-outfitted with something ASAP.

Feeling like some fancy garb was in order I asked if he would like a Tudor outfit to match the gown I planned to wear. After some thought, he said yes and I set about figuring out how to make it. My sister saved me some time. She got a pair of pants and a shirt that was being sold for the baronial travel fund. So all I had to do was get the jacket!

I started with the Tudor Tailor knowing they had a book on children’s clothing. Not feeling like I could copy over and draft the pattern in the small windows of nap time the younger one was taking, I opted to order the premade pattern.

This proved to be a very good choice as his measurements matched up well to the small aside from the sleeve length. (An easy fix!) The pattern came on very nice paper and I should be able to get a fair amount of use out of it! I will say it does require some knowledge of sewing to assemble as the instructions are sparse compared to a commercial pattern.

The fabric came from Destash. There was the perfect brown and then red and gold fabric to match my dress.

From here it didn’t take long to get cut out. I started with the gold and red fabric and made a super quick mock-up as I planned to use it to line the jacket. Sleeves aside it fit him perfectly. I quickly cut the brown fabric and set about assembling.

I want to point out that sleeves are just below pants for things I like to make. I ended up just fudging them into place. Probably not the way they should have been done. But he was able to move his arms and they didn’t look horrible so I called it a win.

Sadly at this point, it was the Wednesday before, and with the COVID surge, the event had to be canceled. I was slightly sad as all I had left was the buttons and sleeves to hem. But I figured worst case his brother would be able to wear it should we not get an event again.

As a final update we had been scheduled to go to another event but he came down with a cough right before. So alas the jacket hasn’t been 100% finished or worn yet.

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