Swan-Ragnar’s Hammer

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This one started in a whole different direction. Mostly because I was having difficulty finding anything out about the recipient.  However, after talking with the Kingdom scribe she advised that they liked swans,  and with some general Google I came upon Harley MS 647 * This was a case of perfect illumination. The award was given due to their service at Battlemoor for helping cut grass by hand, a major part of getting the site ready. So drawing a bit of inspiration from The Untitled Goose game and adding in the required hammer I came up with a plan.

The first step was working out the text. With no good way to “math” out the letters, I decided to jump in and work them out in the design. I had tried to copy it but it was too small so I chose to freehand the calligraphy to the best of my ability.

Feeling confident with the letters I moved on to the actual illumination.

I love the way it came out. Striking yet simple.

*As of posting the British Library has suffered a major cyber attack and is unavailable.


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