A Non Traditional Scroll

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One of the things I have wanted to do is a Non-traditional scroll.

So when I received an assignment for my own sister’s Silver Stirrup I decided it was time. The award is for equestrian arts, and my sister had just recently acquired a horse of her own. So I decided that he needed something pretty!

I started looking at different things I could make and more important have done by Battlemoor. My first idea was to go with a collar. I was lucky to find Bar C Saddlery who had an impressive selection of blank pieces for various horse goods.  Unfortunately, after research, I realized I didn’t have the time to sew together leather and get the scroll text copied on it. They did however have a Fancy Halter Set that would attach to an existing halter and didn’t require sewing.

I was quick to order it and set about figuring out the best paint and methods to seal my work.

Stopping by my local Tandy Leather I was able to chat with an associate there and was advised on the best way to approach the painting. I started with a layer of dye, then use an acrylic paint to write the words and paint the badge.

The dye was a snap to apply and after letting it set up I moved on to the lettering.



This part was nerve-wracking as I decided to freehand with a brush the text. I also only had one halter so messing up wasn’t an option. I did have a moment of panic when I realized I had forgotten to add an “L” to His Majesty’s name but I managed to squish it in.

I also added an embossed edge to help dress the nose piece up but I didn’t feel brave enough to add anything else.

With the paintwork done, I packed it away to have it signed and awarded at the event.

The final piece with signatures!


She was surprised to receive it as she had missed morning court and the original announcement.

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