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With in-person events still not happening, we have seen a massive boom in both classes and online zoom events. Unfortunately for me, many of these classes tend to happen before small child bedtime. So it has been a challenge to attend as many as I would like.

Luckily there have been several that have popped up over the weekend and after bedtime.

The first one I managed was Beginning Headwraps And Veils Dame Gwen the Potter hosted by Mistress Disa i Birkilundi. You can check out the class here!

Mistress Disa has been hosting recorded sessions of several classes and I would recommend checking out her blog for the latest.

My thoughts…

As for the class I was very excited, head coverings are something I struggle with.

Dame Gwen did advise that as far as full historical accuracy this class was leaning more to it kind of looks like a picture, and is more how she does headcovers. Truly a beginners step into headcovers.

She started with some basic tips for getting all the little flyaways using a modern mousse. Advising there was probably a period method but, for ease the modern works. From there, she demonstrated several ways to wrap a scarf to get some general looks.

The first few I all ready had played with just basic twists and tucking of a long scarf. But to see other styles helped me visualize some new ways to try out.

The second part of the class was on veils. This part helped me see that the veil I had been using was too long and I really needed to get a cap to help pin my hair up.

Overall the class was informative with good visuals, and I realized I wasn’t half as lost as I thought I was.

I did buck up the courage to try a wimple and veil as I have learned in zoom classes and my set up my head is all you see. Also, the cap really isn’t an option as things just slid apart due to my fine hair. Next step I plan to buy silk veils as the linen I have is just a touch too heavy for long term wear.

It came out pretty cute!

Next up my adventure in Stirring the Pot an unofficial Cooks Guild Colloquium!

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