Calontir Clothing Challenge- Final

I didn’t make it.

Honestly, the holidays really kicked me off schedule.( I honestly should know by now. Nov. to about Feb just isn’t my time.) Pair it with some major indecision some pandemic burn out and a few other mundane life things. I froze up and didn’t get done what I needed. So, I am calling it.

I am a little sad. I had grand visions of getting an amazing dress and meeting all my goals and yes, winning. But I feel it would be far worse to rush and come out with something done that I had to panic and have a meltdown over and not fit or look the way I want it.

Besides 2021 is looking like a wash for events. I have time, I don’t need this dress this weekend.

It was far from as waste. Just because I didn’t make the deadline doesn’t make the work any less valid. I have a pair of drawers, a fixed camicia, a pocket pattern, and plans for embroidery on said pocket. I also have a reworked bodice that I have the canvas and wool cut out. I also have a set of Bara tape’s to draft an overcoat and all the fabric I need to do it.

I got some wonderful advice and made some new friends. Watched some amazing projects come together, and learned more than I would have otherwise.

So I may not have won but I sure came out ahead.

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