London- A surprise trip

This whole adventure started after a lackluster 5th anniversary. (Think the last minute with no plans and be being sick! Yuck!) I ended up lamenting to a friend about the whole thing, she had suggested visiting her neck of the woods for a romantic little weekend getaway as she and her boyfriend had just done. I was almost convinced, fresh cheese and Cherry wine to highlight some of the selling points. After running the flights there, I on whim entered a few international destinations.

Why not? I mean if it was going to cost an arm and a leg to fly domestic what harm could some daydreaming do?

So I type in London, picked something that looked like spring break for the dates and hit search.


For London?!!

Hold up.

So I did what any sane person with PTO and 1,000 bucks would. I got two tickets. Ok there was more to it than that but long story short; I have two tickets to London.

So where do you start?

Well, passports. Mine was expired and the Husband never had one. If you don’t have one I recommend getting one. If you do find that once in a lifetime deal you will not have to worry if your passport will show up before the deal expires.

The next step a place to stay. We had been looking at a hotel near Kings Cross but a jump in price forced us down to Southwark to stay in budget. Frustrating but manageable.

After that, I connected with the local SCA groups to see if they had anything going on. Friends who travel say that they enjoy meeting folks from other groups and I figure why not!

From there it has been research, research, research.

It has become apparent that even if you lived in London and went to some sort of historical museum every single day you still would have places left to visit after a year. That was just looking in the six zones on the train lines and tube lines.

We have a week. My husband also kindly pointed out we do need to sleep and it will take us time to get between points A and B.

I have for sure

  • The British Library. I can’t pass up seeing manuscripts in person.
  • The Tower of London- Ravens Duh! (Ok and I think they have some sparkles)
  • The Globe- Theater Major here.
  • The British Museum – All the historical stuff.
  • Stonehenge- Husbands request

I have always been a food tourist. So I have several markets on the list and plan to check out the local supermarket.

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